The WAM model describes the evolution of a two-dimensional ocean wave spectrum. In contrast to first and second generation models, the third generation model WAM introduces no ad hoc assumptions
on the spectral shape. It computes the evolution of the 2-d wave spectrum through integration of the spectral energy-balance equation:

F(f,θ,φ,λ) is the spectral wave energy density, f denotes frequency [Hz], θ the direction,φ and λ are latitude and longitude, cg is the group velocity [m/s].
The WAM model runs for any given regional or global grid with a prescribed topographic dataset.
It runs for deep and shallow water, and depth and current refraction can be included.
The model performs best in water depths greater than 20 meters. The grid resolution can be arbitrary in space and time.

WAM 1 sortie du modèle WAM